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C.E.L., "Books of To-Day," Western Morning News and Daily Gazette

August 1, 1935, p. 6

“To Jolene who turned off the gas “ on the fly-leaf of Tom Kromer’s “Waiting for Nothing” (Constable. 7s. 6d.) gives a hint of the despair and horror within. It is the chronicles of an American down-and-out exercising keen wit and nimble limb in a scramble for dirty scraps of food or a sleeping-place secure from the attentions of the hated cops.
The author has lived a terrible life accentuated in his narrative by a stark economy of words and remarkable dramatic power. For fear of offending against conventional taste the publishers have excised one whole chapter, but there is enough poignant material left to make modern civilization heartly ashamed of its wastage.

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